100 backyard activities that are the dirtiest, coolest, creepy-crawliest ever! : become an expert on bugs, beetles, worms, frogs, snakes, birds, plants and more / Colleen Kessler, award-winning educator and founder of Raising lifelong learners.

Provides instructions for simple science experiments and nature activities that can be performed in the backyard.

Main Author: Kessler, Colleen,
Published: Salem, MA : Page Street Publishing Co., 2017.
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100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever! is going to be every nature-loving kid's new favorite book to take out into the wild where you live. No more big-city museums or boring encyclopedias--with this book your backyard is your new museum, and parents are only your assistants! The super awesome activities teach you about the plants and animals all around you in the ground, trees and sky. You'll get dirty, touch slimy things that make your parents squirm and become an expert on science! You'll get to do experiments to find out if earthworms can smell or see colors, if a roly poly is smart enough to complete a maze and which flavors ants prefer to eat. Learn everything there is to know about birds and how to invite them into your yard with your own handmade feeders, bird baths and bird houses. Become a botanist and even grow your own vegetables all by yourself! Take it to the next level and learn the importance of caring for nature in ways that keep the animals and earth safe. With this book, your parents will love that you're learning, and you'll love exploring outside, having adventures and getting up close and personal with the coolest bugs, animals and plants out there!

Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting Outside

p. 6

Hot to use This Book: Tips for Being the Best Backyard Scientist Ever!

p. 8

Backyard Biology: Things that Creep, Crawl, Fly and Grow

p. 11

Backyard Entomology: Beetles, Bugs and More

p. 21

Backyard Herpetology: Salamanders, Snakes, Lizards, Toads, Oh My!

p. 109

Backyard Ornithology: Birds, Birds and More Birds

p. 131

Backyard Botany: Flowers, Mosses, Ferns and Fun

p. 163

Backyard Ecology: How it All Comes Together

p. 181

Citizen Science at Home: What Can You Do?

p. 197

More Resources for Backyard Exploration

p. 201


p. 202

About the Author

p. 203


p. 204