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About Libraries 150

In honour of the 150th Anniversary of Confederation, the Nova Scotia Library Association and Nova Scotia's nine regional public library systems presented Libraries 150, a province-wide library project to promote reader engagement and to celebrate Nova Scotia's writers and citizens, ideas and attitudes, culture and environment, stories and treasures.

The cornerstone of Libraries 150 was the 150 Books of Influence, a compilation of 150 books that Nova Scotians felt influenced or defined the experience of being Nova Scotian. The titles on the list are those books that have captured Nova Scotians' hearts and minds; books that tell Nova Scotia's stories and inspire its citizens.

Canada's 150th Anniversary is a perfect opportunity to examine and consider those books which reflect our current state as a people and province, as well as books that mark our progress over the decades since Confederation. This project memorializes the literary works of Nova Scotia, and is a cultural legacy for future generations of readers that will be forever accessible to the public.

Your regional library may not have all the titles on the Libraries 150 list. Please contact your local library to request any titles that are not available.